Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

The March, 1963 issue of QST announces the addition of Bouvet  Island to the DXCC list. QST says: "Bouvet Island: This is an addition to the Countries List. Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic Ocean approximately 1600 miles south of the Cape of Good Hope at Latitude 54 degrees South and Longitude 5 degrees East. Bouvet is a territory of Norway. "

QST also says "<snip> contacts must be for contacts made November 15, 1945 or later" .

Ranking in "Most Wanted" league.

The IOTA reference for Bouvet I is IOTA AN-002.

Bouvet Island is a whitelisted DXCC entity. The following table lists stations known to have been QRV from Bouvet I, and which are thought to be good for DXCC credit.

The callsigns below are the only ones that Club Log will map to Bouvet I. These callsigns have been taken from QSL cards.

Callsigns not listed below will be not be mapped to Bouvet I, but will be mapped as INVALID, unless there is an exception for a different entity.

Please advise any missing Bouvet callsigns, to Alan, 5B4AHJ, email address on QRZ.COM, or via the Help Desk . 

CallDate/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
1962 - November
3Y1VC, 3Y3CC 
1977 - February 24, two hours only. About 50 QSOs
1978 - December to 1979 - January 
1979 - January to March. 2000+ QSOs
1989 - December to 1990 - January. About 50,000 QSOs
1997 - February 22, three hours only
2000 - December to 2001 - March
2007 - December
2007 - December to 2008 - February. About 1,500 QSOs
Operations that didn't happen 
3Y0FP1988 - March - Approval granted to SM7DSE/7S8AAA to be QRV 05-10 March. Operation cancelled due to bad WX that prevented a helicopter landing.
3Y0G2017 - Lack of operators.
2018 - cancelled due to adverse weather preventing landing, and also by a problem with one of the ship's engines.
Operations that (probably) didn't count 
1951 - July - believed to be a pirate operation
1993 - May
1994 - exact dates unknown



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