Author: Alan 5B4AHJ

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka DPRK or North Korea)  was accepted into the United Nations in 1991.

In July, 1995 ARRL announced the addition of DPRK to the DXCC List. QSOs from 1995-05-14 count for this entity.

DPRK is a whitelisted DXCC entity. The following table lists stations known to have been QRV from DPRK, and which are thought to be good for DXCC credit.

The callsigns below are the only ones that Club Log will map to DPRK, and only for QSO dates within the exception date range. These callsigns have been taken from QSL cards.

Callsigns not listed below, or QSOs outside the exception date range, will be not be mapped to North Korea, but will be mapped as INVALID.

Please advise any missing DPRK callsigns, to Alan, 5B4AHJ, email address on QRZ.COM, or via the Help Desk . 

CallDate/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
1995 - May
1999 - April 
2001 - November to 2002 - November 
2015 - December 
Planned operations that did not happen 
P51DX1996 or later
P5/HA0HW1996 or later 
2005 - August
Operation by JH1AJT & JH4RHFJH1AJT & JH4RHF installed a station in Pyongyang. However, they were never allowed to turn on the rig.
P5A2002 - March.  Operation by YT1AD " "we had fun listening to all the pirates pretendingto be us, when we did not make a single contact."

2010 - August/.September

Operations that did not count 
OK1DTG/P5 , P51DTG 1992 - April to June 
1992 - December 
P51HA, P51VK, P57VK1996 - July
2000 - April 
2017 - April/May and 2017-08-25/26/27 - pirate operation.

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