Author: Alan, 5B4AHJ

The May, 1961 issue of QST announces the addition of Kure Island to the DXCC list. QST says: "Although Kure Island is the westernmost island of the Hawaiian Islands, its separation from the rest of the Hawaiian chain by Midway places it under Point 3 of the critera <snip>. Confirmations for contacts with Kure Island must be dated November 15, 1945 or later."

Although the DXCC entity is referred to as Kure Island, Kure is actually an atoll, of which the only land of significant size is named Green Island. A US Coast Guard LORAN station was based on Green I from 1960-1992. During that period, there were frequent visitors to Kure, often including amateur radio operators. Consequently Kure I was much less rare in those days than it is today.

The KH7 prefix was assigned to Kure I until 1995-04-31. From 1995-04-01, the KH7 prefix could be used by Hawaii hams. This has caused some confusion as some logging programs still map all KH7 callsigns to Kure I.

Although QSOs count for Kure I from 1945-11-15, the first operation from Kure was by KH6ECD in February, 1961. There is a write up of this operation in QST, August, 1961  on pages 54-55.

Kure Island is a whitelisted DXCC entity, currently for QSOs on or after 1995-04-01. 

The following table lists stations known to have been QRV from Kure I in the whitelist period, which are thought to be good for DXCC credit. 

The callsigns below are the only ones in the whitelist period that Club Log will map to Kure I. These callsigns have been taken from QSL cards.

Callsigns not logged exactly as below will be not be mapped to Kure I.

Please advise any missing Kure I callsigns, in the whitelist period, to Alan, 5B4AHJ, email address on QRZ.COM, or via the Help Desk . 

Callsign Date/Note (follow callsign links to see exact dates, QSLs and additional notes)
1997 - May
1997 - September/October
2005 - September/October



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