If you are the user of the software and you are experiencing this error message, please contact the author of the plugin and send them these two links:



If you are the developer...What causes it?

This message is displayed if you use a real-time upload plugin with your logging software, but send too many requests in a short space of time.

There are two APIs (programmatic interfaces) for Club Log to be attached to logging software. They are the realtime.php and putlogs.php APIs.

The realtime.php API must not be used to serially upload a large number of QSOs as this results in hundreds of uploads in a matter of seconds - it jams up Club Log for other users. If you do this, you will see a warning about excessive API usage. Instead, you should be using the other API, the putlogs.php API. 

How to fix:

If you are a software developer, you should plan on using the putlogs.php API for batch uploads. This is a way to upload a standard ADIF file containing more than one QSO, in a single transaction. It's efficient regardless of the number of QSOs - even hundreds of thousands of QSOs can go through this. So, whenever more than about 150 QSOs are to be uploaded, this is the way I prefer it to be done. The docs are here: 


If you are using Logger32 and the N2AMG plugin, you can stop the error messages, Rick remarks:

"go into your Logger32 directory and look for these files.



If either is there especially ClubLog_Dump_file.txt is there rename it..

When the lookup is loaded if it finds either of these it tries to upload

them to ClubLog. Since all of the qso's have not been uploaded you will need

to open the utility and go to the ClubLog tab and do a manual upload of the

renamed Clublog_Dump_file.txt You might need to change the .txt to adi for

ClubLog to accept it.."