You can download an ADIF v3 file containing QSOs that have been requested, using this API end point:

There are a number of options which are needed. All of the following parameters must be sent using HTTP POST, not GET.

email (required)

The user's email address (ie. account) in Club Log. eg. ""

password (required)

The user's password (ideally, please ask the user to provide an Application Password from Club Log)

call (required)

Set this to the callsign you're downloading, eg. "K5P".


Important! Set this to the string "dxqsl" in order to get OQRS data. If you omit this, you'll get the whole log, not the OQRS QSOs.

You can filter by the QSL date (the date and time in UTC when the OQRS request was created) using the following fields. All of these are optional but any inconsistency in these will cause Club Log to revert to its default of not filtering by date.


eg. 2015


eg 1, 6, 12


eg. 1, 15, 31


eg. 2016


eg. 1, 6, 12


eg. 1, 15, 31


You can filter the kind of OQRS requests you want to download using this field. The values you can send are:

0 = bureau and direct (default)

1 = bureau

2 = direct


If set, this will skip any records that had a donation of less than the numerical threshold you specify. eg. If you set a value of 2, then OQRS records with no donation or a donation of less than $2 will be excluded from the results. The default is not to filter by donation at all.