Since April 2017, Club Log users may upload and download logs to LoTW directly. Changes in QSL status are reflected in Club Log's own database, and it may be necessary for other logging systems (especially desktop logging tools) to know the current state of the synchronisation that has occurred.

This can be done using This endpoint returns a JSON array of all QSOs sent to LoTW, with flags to show whether QSOs have been confirmed by LoTW or sent to LoTW.

The HTTP GET arguments to getlotwstate.php are:

  • api = Your API key
  • email = The user's Club Log account email address 
  • password = The user's Club Log password (ideally, please ask the user to provide an Application Password from Club Log)
  • callsign = A valid callsign belonging to the user (it must be owned by the account)
  • startyear = Starting year, eg 2013 - OPTIONAL
  • startmonth = Starting month, eg 1, 01, 12 = December - OPTIONAL
  • startday = Starting day of the month, eg 3, 03, 13, 31 - OPTIONAL

Example queries

To get the status for an entire log, use:

To get the status for QSOs after 2017-01-31, use:

Note that as the match date is not stored, it is not possible to incrementally check for matches since the last check. The date filter is on the QSO date. This may mean that it is justified to download all of the matches from time to time.

Example results

The data is returned in JSON, using this format:

[["2017-04-01 09:51:28","2017-04-01 09:48:39"],["OH7NO","2014-12-31 07:14:16","17","CW","C"],["S51DV","2014-12-31 07:13:05","17","CW","C"].....]

The fields, in order of appearance, are: an array of the last time the user uploaded to LoTW from Club Log, followed by the last time the user downloaded a sync from LoTW to Club Log, then an array of: the DX callsign, QSO date, band, mode and a flag. The flag values are:

S = sent, C = confirmed, G = Award granted (verified)

Note that the user's own ADIF uploads cannot influence these values, so they should always accurately reflect the results of their LoTW synchronisation and not be overwritten by user ADIF files that are uploaded to Club Log.