You can perform a Club Log search within a DX log, as follows:[APIKEY]

There are two parameters:

call = The callsign to search for

log = The DX log in which to search

api = Your API key

year = optionally, a calendar year to limit the search. Omit to search all years

So, in the example above, we are searching for QSOs with G7VJR in G3TXF's log. Note that the QSOs in question must have been uploaded to Club Log by G3TXF.

The results are returned in JSON.  The JSON is a hash containing each band (the order of which is not defined). The modes are enumerated as keys:

= CW

P = Phone

= Data

The number of QSOs is then the value.

Here is an example:


Reading left to right, this means: 1 QSO on 10M CW, 1 QSO on 15M CW, 2 QSOs on 20M CW, 1 QSO on 40M CW, then for 80M we have 4 QSOs on Phone and 10 QSOs on CW, and lastly on 160M we have 2 QSOs on CW.

Note: the band may also be the name of a satellite where relevant, eg. "QO-100" instead of "13".