Club Log uses log matching to securely provide QSLing features. Some users are tempted to upload a massive spread of QSOs across a range of time, in an attempt to discover the time of a QSO in a DX log they haven't recorded in their own log.

If you do this, you may see a warning appear (and Log Matching will be disabled). 

Any attempts to fill logs with QSOs in this way will result in your account being blocked, and in serious cases - deleted along with a permanent ban.

Please understand that this behaviour is extremely unwelcome. It wastes resources, distorts statistics (especially the most wanted lists) and is also contrary to QSLing ethics. Before you consider doing this please remember you may be banned from Club Log permanently if you do. There is no right of appeal and no way back if you do this; you will not be able to use Club Log ever again!