If you want just one DXCC lookup, you can do this in an extremely lightweight HTTP query as follows. Club Log will return a single number, the ADIF country code. This is as brief as possible a response to make the query fast and avoid overheads. All errors result in no response; if the callsign is bad you will get a country code of 0.

Simple lookup

Date-bounded lookup

  • api: An API key to access this interface (protecting it from abuse), which you can obtain by emailing the helpdesk.
  • call: the callsign (required)
  • year: the year (1945 and later, optional)
  • month: the month (1 to 12, optional)
  • day: the day of the month (1 to 31, optional)
  • hour: the hour in 24h format (0 to 23, all times are GMT)
  • minute: the minute (0 to 59)
  • The date defaults to "now" if you don't specify a valid date (a valid date must include all of the above time fields, to one minute precision)

If you need more details, add a GET parameter of full=1 to the query, as follows:

This will return a JSON array of information:


What about multiple QSOs?

Don't iterate over this API - it's much too slow for batch use. If you want to efficiently lookup a lot of QSOs, you can do this is batches of 10,000. For more details, please read this solution: