Club Log's propagation charts are more properly "activity charts" - a record of when QSOs have been completed, which can be indexed by DXCCs, solar flux and so on.

You can see this information graphically by using However, you can also retrieve the information as a JSON array directly from Club Log, as follows:


GET paramaters:

  • month - Month of the year, between 1 and 12 [optional]
  • lastyear - Only use data from the last 12 months [optional]
  • sfi - Minimum solar flux index [optional]
  • usfi - Maximum solar flux index [optional]
  • source - Source DXCC ID as defined in the ADIF specification
  • dest - Destination DXCC ID as defined in the ADIF specification
  • api - Your API key

Note that the source and destination DXCC values are automatically reciprocal, and you do not need to perform two queries with these values inverted.

The information returned will be a JSON array for each band, with 24 hourly elements. For example:[APIKEY]



The total of each 24 hour period comes to 1.0 (ie. the data is normalised against the number of QSOs). The final array element, count, is the total number of QSOs in that band (useful for scaling one band against another).

IMPORTANT: Please do not issue intensive / recursive lookups for data through this API. Your API key may be throttled or disabled automatically. Contact Michael G7VJR to discuss your needs first!