Chiltern DX Club (CDXC) runs three DX challenges per year: 

  1. The CDXC LF Challenge every March involves contacting as many different DXCC countries as possible on 160, 80 and/or 40m.  

  2. The CDXC HF Challenge in September covers 15, 12, 10 and 6m in the same way.

  3. The CDXC DX Marathon Challenge is a year-long event on 160 to 6m.

Challenge scoring is very simple: one point per DXCC country worked, regardless of mode or permitted band. 

The Challenges are activity periods, not contests. Winning takes DX skills, stamina and perseverance rather than the flat-out speed of a sprinter. Challengers make ordinary everyday QSOs, log them and upload their logs to Club Log in the normal way. There are no special requirements - no serial or zone numbers to exchange, and no QSLs are needed (unless there is a dispute).  You are welcome to compete in contests during the Challenge periods if you wish and those QSOs will count towards the Challenges.

Few if any regular or contest-logging programs directly support the CDXC LF and HF Challenges, unfortunately, although some (such as Logger32) support the Marathon. Club Log plugs the gap with its CDXC Challenge reports. Challengers upload their logs frequently (ideally every day) and check the Challenge reports to see how they are doing against their peers. Discovering that you are doing better than the previous year, perhaps well enough to be in with a chance of winning a cup or a certificate, can be very motivating.

How to participate

Join the fun by adding yourself to the Club Log groups called "CDXC LF Challenge", "CDXC HF Challenge" and "CDXC Marathon" using the Settings -> Clubs tab, and then choose the appropriate challenge from the drop-down list of clubs. Anyone can join the Club Log groups to appear in the Challenge league tables, but only CDXC members qualify for certificates (that's why non-members' calls are greyed-out on the leagues). Please join CDXC if you are not a member.

Good luck!