The Super league ranks Club Log members according to the average number of band-mode slots they have worked per DXpedition in the previous 12 months: for example, if you are a 40m specialist who has worked 3 recent DXpeditions on both 40m CW and 40m SSB, your average slot count per DXpedition is 2.0 (i.e. 6 band-slots divided by 3 DXpeditions).  However, if you failed to work a further seven DXpeditions earlier in the year, your average across all ten DXpeditions falls to just 0.6 (6 divided by 10) and that is what appears in the league. At the same time, someone who worked all ten DXpeditions just once on CW beats you with a score of 1.0.

To access the super league:

  1. Click the Super League button on the left menu.  This displays a default report directly.
  2. Optionally, select a specific continent or club ...
  3. ... and click the Submit button to generate the corresponding report.
  4. Optionally, click the red calls in the table to pull up their DXCC timelines and other information (owners of the black calls either don't belong to Club Log or choose to stay hidden).

Only the DXpeditions listed on Club Log's Expedition Tools page count towards the super league. They have uploaded their logs to Club Log and chosen to use the DXpedition tools, allowing Club Log to calculate the statistics.