A short time after you have uploaded your log to Club Log, you will normally receive an email either congratulating you on uploading your log without error, or listing one or more QSOs where there is a discrepancy between the DXCC country claimed in your log and the DXCC country computed by Club Log, using its database of DXCC information ... something like this:

If Club Log reports errors, please follow the procedure described in Your upload report. Usually, you need to check and update the DXCC countries for the QSO/s in your log but occasionally (as in the example above) it is Club Log that needs to be updated.  It takes some effort to figure out who is correct, but the end result - an accurate DXCC check function - is well worth it!  

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Note: although most of us would prefer to know about, and resolve, any DXCC country errors in our logs, you can turn off the emailed reports in the Settings tab on the Settings menu.