If you wish to query Club Log in a lightweight call to see if a QSO is a valid match (perhaps as part of validating another award scheme) you can do this with checklog.php. Your request will only succeed if both of the callsigns are registered in Club Log.

https://clublog.org/checklog.php takes the following arguments via POST:

  • email = A valid Club Log login email address
  • password = The password for the Club Log email address (ideally, please ask the user to provide an Application Password from Club Log)
  • api = your API key (note: lowercase ap
  • call1 = First callsign
  • call2 = Second callsign
  • band = the numerical band number, eg. 40 for 40M, 70 for 70CM
  • year = four digit year, eg 2013
  • month = month number, eg. 11 for November
  • day = day of month, eg. 5 for the 5th
  • hour = hour (24H format), eg. 00 or 23
  • minute = minute, eg 6 or 54

The responses are:
  • HTTP 200 - OK (content "1") means a valid QSO match, with a tolerance of +/- 15m
  • HTTP 200 - Not Found (content "0") means no match was found.
  • HTTP 200 - Logs Out Of Date (content "-1") means no match, but one or both of the logs is older than the QSO date requested, meaning the result is not authoritative.

If you wish to test this code, there is a simple HTML example form here: