The QSL management tools allow you to manage cards that arrive via :

a) OQRS direct

b) OQRS buro

c) Paper Buro cards

d) Paper Direct cards

e) SWL cards

OQRS cards are automatically entered onto the print Queue, however paper cards need extra processing.

This can be achieved using the NON-OQRS QSL management option. This tool is very powerful.

Let assume that you have 5 calls that you manage QSL cards from and that you have just received a pile of Buro cards for these calls mixed up.

Navigate to the NON-OQRS QSL page. Click on the change button next to the call and select the "ALL CALLS" option as shown below

Now go to the pile of QSL cards and enter the first call e.g. G7VJR You will see the following 5 QSOs with C4W and 1 QSO with 5B4WN:

Before you select the relevant QSO, it is advisable to Set the appropriate default button. Remember, you are going through a collection of buro cards. So you would like to flag these cards as Received and add them to the Buro Queue for printing later. So choose the Rcvd Buro add to the Buro Queue Default action and press SET

Next decide which QSO this card corresponds to. Lets say that this is the 5th QSO from the shown list. You have 3 options on how to select  this QSO. You can press CTRL+5 together (shortcut shown on the right side), you click on the radio button using the mouse or you can use your arrow keys to highlight the appropriate QSO and then press the CTRL+space button to mark the QSO. If you repeat the action, the QSO is unmarked.

Once the card is marked, you can move to the next card and enter the next call.

You can do the same thing for Direct cards BUT remember to set the default action to :


What about if you received an SWL card?

The process is fairly simple. You need to find the QSO the SWL station has claimed that he has heard you make first e.g.  SWL1234 has heard you work G7VJR on 2007-05-26 as shown above. So you need to search for your qso with G7VJR. then from the drop down menu on the specific QSO line select the SWL option

Once this option is selected you ALSO NEED to CLICK on the RADIO button next to it to enable it. A pop-up menu will appear asking you to enter the SWLs call sign

Once the call is entered the qso goes into the SWL printing queue and this is flagged appropriately with a green tick:

The call, band or mode are WRONG for a particular QSO can I change them?

YES! Go to the appropriate QSO and choose the Edit QSO details [Caution] option from the drop down menu. Then click the radio button.

A popup window can let you edit the Call or band or mode. This will also change the call details from the main CL QSO database so use caution!

I can't find a QSO in my log. I may have copied it wrong. What can I do?

Enter the time as it appears on the card in the following format: 2012-02-22 18:34. The tools will ask you to choose from QSOs around that time and if necessary you can edit the QSO to change the call sign using the Edit QSO details outlined above